General Information about Hot Air Balloon Dubai:

What is Hot Air Balloon?

A unique experience combines with both scenic and adventure of about 60 minute’s flight.

Where Hot Air Balloon takes place?

It takes place in Dubai Desert about 30 minutes driving from Dubai hotels.

Pickup and Drop off Included in Hot Air Balloon?

Yes, we will pick you from your hotel early in the morning. The exact time will be advised to you during reservation. Due to weather condition timing changes throughout the year.

What to wear during Hot Air Balloon Flight?

You can wear as per your choice but make sure to wear comfortable clothes avoid scandal and bring the light jacket in winter because it will be a bit cold before sunrise.

Where the Hot Air Balloon Land?

Hot Air Balloon land in Dubai Desert.

Who can fly in Hot Air Balloon?

Anyone can fly in Hot Air Balloon, but makes sure you don’t have any major injuries like back pain or any major surgeries child below 5 years and pregnant women are among those who we cannot accommodate.

Is Hot Air Balloon available throughout the year?

No due to hot weather conditions it can only be done from Oct to May.

How long the entire Hot Air Balloon flight last?

Hot Air Balloon flight last for one hour depending on the weather conditions.