Hot Air Balloon, Falconry & Wildlife Safari

There are many exciting things to do in Dubai. However, we believe that Hot Air Balloon Ride over the beautiful red dunes of Dubai desert is one of the most romantic and exciting experience of all time. There is no match when it comes to this exciting experience and many around the world are awaiting to take the ride over the desert in Dubai. Why the experience is unique and what makes it special? We make it sure to surpass your desires and offer a standout amongst the most Unique Hot Air Balloon rides on the planet.

We have the privilege to have the most experience pilots and with more than a decade we are offering the Hot Air Balloon in Dubai desert. We continuously striving to innovate and improve your satisfaction level. We believe and maintain high quality and safety standards to make sure that you enjoy your ride at all times during your flight.

In addition to that how about flying above the beautiful desert and experience the Falcon show the world’s fastest animal. We are the one who gives you the opportunity to experience falcon during your Hot Air Balloon flight. There is no better show than the falcon flying around the Hot Air Balloon over the beautiful Dubai Desert.

It’s time to keep Hot Air Balloon in your bucket list and become part of this amazing experience. We believe that the Dubai Hot Air Balloon ride will be your lifetime memory and would be amongst the best things to do in Dubai.

The fun and thrill start when we pick you early morning and take you to the Hot Air Balloon take off site. Do you think this the real excitement no the real fun and joy begin when we float above the beautiful desert and leave the earth behind 4000ft. There is no better feeling and joy than the morning view which leave you speechless.

Hot Air Balloon flight

During the Hot Air Balloon flight, our falcons fly against the incredible backdrop of the Dubai desert. As the sun rises over the Hajar mountains, your jaw will drop and even the hardest, toughest guys will feel all misty and emotional at the sheer beauty. We may have to issue a warning on whom you should take with you, as it’s very romantic. You may start cuddling up to your mother-in-law if she’s within arm’s reach!

Each airborne experience on a Hot Air Balloon is unique. Our capable Pilots will initially fly high for a fabulous vista and afterward returned for what we like to call an enchantment cover ride. You will see many things on the beautiful red dune like herds of gazelles running across the dune or camel roaming around and evening the Arabian Oryx. The best thing about the tour that you will love every photo you take from the Hot Air Balloon.

Bedouin Camp

Your excitement doesn’t finish here as once you land, we take you to an authentic Bedouin camp. The best and most exciting part is that you will experience a ride in historic open top 1950’s Land Rovers, to an authentic Bedouin camp where you will have the chance to freshen up at clean, private bathrooms. Feast on an awesome breakfast that includes caviar, smoked salmon, Eggs Benedict, fresh fruit and so much more!

Once you done with the breakfast embark on an adventure in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve on a wildlife drive in vintage Land Rovers. Spot native animals like Arabian oryx and gazelles and learn all about the fauna and flora of the Dubai desert. Your Conservation Guide will share stories of the desert and how this thriving ecosystem survives. You will soon see how the desert is teeming with wildlife! Drive on set tracks through the golden sand dunes and stop along the way at a ghaff tree forest.


  • Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Falconry Show during the flight
  • breakfast that includes caviar, smoked salmon, Eggs Benedict, fresh fruit and so much more!
  • Desert Conservation Reserve on a wildlife drive in vintage Land Rovers.
  • Opportunity to take ride in Vintage Land Rover


Child Below 5 is not allowed to take the ride